Poem: Thirty Three and a Third

The vinyl placed, the stylus falls The tune begins with anguished calls Cutting grooves, ripping our souls The heavy bumps, the empty holes We push, we fight, try to make light The hour soon dawns, and we will cower A quick spark, a fleeting sight Of hope that something might But that flower is of […]

Poem: Clowns and Syllables

Thirteen fumbling funny clowns step out of a clown car Twelve red noses and one blue shine in the twilight Eleven clowns on the left don’t play guitar Ten clowns among them hurry to the right Nine of them with smiles claim to be fine Eight though show signs of depression Seven look to the […]

Poem: Esoterikos

My imaginary friend has an imaginary friend Of such a circumstance Nobody can comprehend But it is the way of my life My imaginary friend’s imaginary friend Cannot contend but tries to pretend That he is indeed my friend But when my back is turned He pulls out a knife to take my life My […]

Poem: Bent Chassis

Sat in a wobbly taxi Back window a plastic bag So dark that the gods can’t see me Sitting in the back as we drag Sideways, a crab on the beach It ain’t no holiday No basking in the sun My heart is pounding, thinking Is my race all run Others they stare, as they […]

What I see in a Cup of Tea

I love tea. I grew up drinking the stuff. But it is not just a drink. It is an event. There is a feel to it and only experiences with a feel to them, are worth a damn. Yes, there are those experiences that we simply skip through, the ones we endure as a means […]

Poem: Writer’s Block

And they stand, the knightly dead The silent warriors, nothing said I cringe and gasp How long with it last? The chatter of mind made loud The nightly silence getting louder and proud Hundreds of thoughts, like buzzing bees Scratching and biting, irritating fleas No end, no reprieve I am on my knees Please good […]