Poem: The Inverse Reflection

On the attack, backlash! Flashback to the attraction Hold the mirror backward Reflect the world to itself Chaos driven no inch given Rage on till the next page Then find another offence to wage War against those sure against you Burn the page with more rage The historic reflection is an infection Shatter the mirror, […]

The Dog on the Ganges ( a.k.a Longest Hashtag ever Written)


Poem: Egoic Minds and Missiles

Red face, rage face Foul mouth, loud mouth Rhetoric Rhetoric Locked and loaded Tonic for the chronic Cream for the rash Of itchy insecurity Narcissistic, cataclysmic Egoic, apocalyptic A fallacy of danger To appease the phallus Hand on the button If I press it, i will win Or tell you, I won! And suck in […]

Poem: 8th of the 8th and 17 Lines

A mass of flames grew up from frustration A rolling tyre burning across the nation It will find you and lay bear your misdeeds It will not listen to your whining pleas And when the flames reach Your conscience will feel the breach Forever more the smoke will fill it And there is no pill […]

Poem: The Moment I Lost You

The swollen eye he presents as a prize will impress you And the story of how he got it will distress you But then you always did like the danger didn’t you Until you are caught in the crossfire where nobody can protect you The thrill of the chase only lasts ’till he has caught […]

Poem: The Sweeper of Dust

The weeds grow through his dreams Their seeds infecting the dream-seeds A fragrance once sweet now festers in the heat Once was nourishing, now inebriating The flourishing of life, now of Dying itself stagnating Oh how he wishes them dead But they linger, perpetually dying Infinite suffering of a chronic depression Unable to let go […]

Poem: The Plight of Ink Man

I am an ink man on a blank white page I run from line to line in the hot air I do not run for fun my feet they burn I am stuck in a loop that does not end I am in pain but do not write out help There must be a way […]