Poem: Twisted Tongue Lip Service

Fingers tied to puppet strings, unknowing, It’s to be known when you are grown or you’ll suffer with a groan And blood still on your burial gown on the burying ground, with your mother wearing a frown and tears don’t reach heaven, Neither does the preachers preach, or the teachers teaching of not being a […]

Poem: Clock Chimes

He suffers from the millennium virus Now he runs sideways and is cavorting And he is snorting anything to find Iris A main nerve in the brain node is shorting Where is the rainbow bridge he asks her Earth has nothing of interest to tender Except to render sharp emotions in a blur While we […]

Poem: Of Insanity

I want to cut off my left hand and let you write with it Its connected to a part of my brain that always wants some ink to spit But my pen has run dry and now i’m having a fit The words are piling up in my mind, so here goes my gambit Take […]

Poem: Black Sheep

He fell off the step into the lap of a grandfather clock Tick tocking the moment he left now crying out from the shock Eyes new into a world of trampolines Jumping people, humping people One more out here with clean genes yet to be wearing worn out jeans Sour milk in the breast of […]

Poem: The Shallows

Tie dyed in a white lie A coat hiding the blood red But not a paint stain A pain stain of cuts made with A blade as sharp as the suit Vicious cramps of a guilty boot Blood flows out of bullet holes Holes deepen the stench of the lie Like gravy stains on a […]

Poem: Ride on the Riptide

I’m losing it all again Going out with the leeward tide Absorbed by every little grain Tipsy boat tipsy mind tipsy ride A spent force with arms all lame Back strain, bent frame, brain fried Tide up, tied down, tide down, down the drain No sound, all around no ground To be found, where you […]