Poem: Clock Chimes

He suffers from the millennium virus
Now he runs sideways and is cavorting
And he is snorting anything to find Iris
A main nerve in the brain node is shorting

Where is the rainbow bridge he asks her
Earth has nothing of interest to tender
Except to render sharp emotions in a blur
While we dance in an invisible blender

The rainbow bridge is a bitter sweet
Shoes stuck far behind and socks feeling icky
He feels so sleepy but can’t get off his feet
What was once brittle now completely sticky

The further he got on, the more the heat turned on
The thick gloopy bridge now made a hoop
Around the pot for a spin he was gone
And slipped and slid he did, still out of the loop

From my view point I played with the syrup
I made him fly and fall with my wooden spoon
I was on a guitar pick with the player ready to rip
As I danced to the tune, what a loon!

As he jammed I was shaken and crashed to the floor
Sat fast on my sweet gloop after i fell
I went splat as a boot came down with a roar
And with the splat came a tiny little yell

The man arrives at his front gate
Bumper shoot dripping from the rain
He shakes the umbrella at a furious rate
The guitarist falls and drowns, down the drain

The cat sitting on a hat at the edge of the bed
Scratches the itchy itch behind his ears
The man at the gate is ripped to a shred
As the hat is being tickled and laughing tears

Out of the tears of the hat flows time
And within time different lives flow on
Out of time nothing but the sublime
And within the clock chimes we go on


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