Poem: Black Sheep

He fell off the step into the lap of a grandfather clock
Tick tocking the moment he left
now crying out from the shock
Eyes new into a world of trampolines
Jumping people, humping people
One more out here with clean genes yet to be wearing worn out jeans

Sour milk in the breast of society for his feeding
Garbage collected, junk festered, mind gradually receding
Why the hype on the step black sheep wonders while being fed funk bread
Black sheep knows how it really goes but there’s nothing to be said

Let them jump into their slump and be altogether stunned
As black sheep shunned goes onto his toes into a run just for fun
Break neck speed as the jumpers fall and break their living lie
Crooked head, cocked eye as black sheep looks up and now begins to fly

Towers fall, skin crawls, guilt trips, interventions
Black sheep throws a pie in the face of all the stupid conventions
Talk shops, work shops, conferences, and opinion
No consensus from the masses will create another minion

And with that said let this be read by all those in the herd
The black sheep is beneath the sour milk and can still be heard
Let him out, let him shout and create your world with his magic
Coz keeping him locked in is just mean and more so its fucking tragic


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