Poem: The Shallows

Tie dyed in a white lie
A coat hiding the blood red
But not a paint stain
A pain stain of cuts made with
A blade as sharp as the suit
Vicious cramps of a guilty boot

Blood flows out of bullet holes
Holes deepen the stench of the lie
Like gravy stains on a tie
The drool as it drops on the pillow
Made of pills hard to swallow
Wallow in the shallows of the shallow

In time the entire mess of the excess
And the distress that the cesspool
Which was created as a tool
To gain a semblance of happiness
Is in constant wane and drain
High fashion hiding self-disdain

The dance and laugh to entertain
Private moments crying in pain
The moment of fear
Wiped eyes to make it clearer
The terror of the horrible surprise
A surprise long ago surmised
As the scythe glints above the hat


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