Poem: The Inverse Reflection

On the attack, backlash!
Flashback to the attraction
Hold the mirror backward
Reflect the world to itself
Chaos driven no inch given
Rage on till the next page
Then find another offence to wage
War against those sure against you
Burn the page with more rage
The historic reflection is an infection
Shatter the mirror, reverse the history
Instead of a better presence
In the present, and a future
With a pleasent history
But Chapter Three reads the same to me
Rebel against it, against it, fight!
Our right is not to be offended
But we insist on taking offence
Cut the pretence, cut the bullshit
Don’t make sense unless we like the pulpit
Strugglers need a struggle
Fighters need a fight
Protesters need to protest
Victims can’t be anything but right
Turn the mirror around
To astound you when you see
That your enemy abounds
But it is bound within you head
By the thoughts you think it is fed And the war you wage is against you


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