Poem: The Moment I Lost You

The swollen eye he presents as a prize will impress you
And the story of how he got it will distress you
But then you always did like the danger didn’t you
Until you are caught in the crossfire where nobody can protect you

The thrill of the chase only lasts ’till he has caught you
With thrill no more your breaking heart aching will raught you
Another broken spirit added to the ones who are just like you
A world of trodden souls makes me wish I had fought for you

Your flight taking off at midnight to a place that can save you
You were always brave walking through the pain that he gave you
Now as I speed through the streets, playing with death to get to you
If I don’t make it please don’t take it as weakness as i’m brave for you

And as i’m running among the trolleys thrown into the path to you
The boarding call sinks my heart as there seems no way to get to you
A glimpse of the gate with a queue lifts my hope but I can’t see you
And as I approach the reproach of the guard means i’ll never get to you

Now I stand face in hand with my heart leaking a million tears for you
And I know that your heart can feel the anguish I have in losing you
But as you think it’s just the painkillers you took affecting you
Know that through the pain and the tear stains my arms remain open for you.


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