Poem: Bent Chassis

Sat in a wobbly taxi
Back window a plastic bag
So dark that the gods can’t see me
Sitting in the back as we drag
Sideways, a crab on the beach
It ain’t no holiday
No basking in the sun
My heart is pounding, thinking
Is my race all run
Others they stare, as they pass
Look at those doomed souls
Light the fires, ready the hot coals
One of those two places
Are soon to have new residents
All around me worried faces
Turned pale by the wobble
And paler still by thoughts of mortality
We take up arms and with the driver squabble
But we know its is vein, this is the reality
And once we alight, our hearts are light
It is the end of the fight
The end of the fright
And now we might
Appreciate our lives
And know for now
Everything is alright


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